Thursday, June 3, 2010


Do you like turnip greens? How about turnips?

I myself am not even sure what my answer is to those 2 questions. So I grew some turnips to help me form a more educated answer.

My answer: well im still not sure if I like them but I did enjoy growing them and I eat what I grow.

How do you clean your lettuce or greens to rid them of the dirt, bugs, and or slugs?

Season of the Radish

We are growing many more things than just radishes but so far this season the radishes have just come in very abundant.

The maturity rate is great for the impatient gardener. Within 3-4 weeks of seeding our first set, we were eating radishes. (well actually my wife was eating them. I dont really like radishes. I just like to grow things) I do have to say that these didnt have that sharp taste that the store bought radishes have had in the past.

Watermelon Radish Watermelon Radish

Bowl of mixed radishes

Bowl of mixed radishes