Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden update

Well im about a week or so behind on this update. the next update will be more of a current status.

So we added the 3 new raised garden to our townhouse back yard.

I know the pictures didnt turn out that great, but with quality photos like this they can only get better. (Not labeled) On the far left is all onions and one rhubarb. (labeled): Tyee Spinach, Galilee Spinach, May Queen Lettuce and Yugoslavian Lettuce.

From left to right. Black/Lacinato Kale, French Breakfast radish, Scarlet Glode Radish, Saxa 2 Radish, Mesclun, Loose-leaf, and Oakleaf Lettuce.

left to right: Little Marvel Peas (these only do good in the cool early of spring, so we planted them late), Purple Carrot, Watermelon Radish, Turnip, Golden Beet, Sugar Pole Peas, Radish, Burgundy Beans, Radish, and String Beans.

There is another garden that runs the length of the town house but its not pictured. We havent really planted anything in it yet, however there are many many squash and tomatoes that are coming up. They must be from last year. So we are going to let them grow and see how it goes.